Pricing Philosophy

We’re often asked questions about our prices. This page is designed to explain each of our plans and assist you in determining which one would be best for you or your child. Our goal is to create a sustainable business while still acknowledging and being sensitive to financial need.
The only additional cost is a gi (karate uniform) which is priced at $30.99. This is the only piece of equipment needed until blue belt (about a year or a year and a half into study), at which time we require that students own sparring gear (roughly $100 for a full set). We do not charge for testing apart from black belt testing. 
Overall notes: “one class” refers to one hour of instruction.


For Individual Classes
$ 20 Class
  • Try any class - karate or weapons
  • Credited toward your first month if you decide to enroll in one of our monthly membership

Regular Membership

Our Standard Plan
$ 45+ Monthly
  • Reduces karate class drop-in fee to $5
  • Free weapons classes
  • No contract required, cancel at any time

Unlimited Membership

Just Like it Sounds
$ 100 Monthly
  • Eliminates drop-in fees
  • Free weapons classes
  • No contract required, cancel at any time

Regular Plan Breakdown

Our most common plan is designed to provide a flexible model for those students who plan to attend only one hour of karate class per week, students who are primarily interested in weapons classes but who would like to supplement their learning with an occasional karate class, or students who may have more infrequent attendance due to travel or illness.
For example, for a student who attends only one hour of class per week, the total would be $65 ($45 monthly fee + $20 in weekly drop-in fees). If that same student was out sick for two weeks, the total would be $55. 

For a full cost breakdown or to discuss pricing options, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Comparison to Other Activites

The practice of martial arts is a specialized skill, much like playing the piano or gymnastics. We pride ourselves on being able to pass down our knowledge of traditional karate, and we feel it should be valued just as highly as these other aforementioned activities.
To compare, gymnastics lessons in our area run anywhere from $80-90 per month for 1 45-minute class per week. Piano lessons can cost anywhere from $30-60 an hour for a weekly lesson. At our regular price, one hour of karate instruction mathematically breaks down to roughly $16/hour–less if a student is attending multiple hours per week on our unlimited plan. 

Additional Options (Families and Group Rates)

We’re family-focused, and we love it when families are able to practice together! We offer family discounts on our unlimited membership as follows:
2 family members: $175 ($25 savings)
3 family members: $225 ($50 savings)
4 or more family members:  $250 + $25 for any additional family member
Family discounts may also be offered on our regular plan based on financial need.
We also offer group rates for individuals, corporations, and non-profits. We require at least 5 people to schedule a group event.
Individuals or businesses: $15/person/hour
Nonprofit events or group sessions: $10/person/hour